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A bit about me.

I'm Lane Mathias and I've been making art for many years.  I graduated in fine art and history of art in the mid eighties and have been making art ever since.  Although I've experimented extensively over the years with methods and styles, I always return to what in essence I sought all those years ago at college, creating feeling through colour and texture and infusing a sense of energy into a painting, whether it be a landscape, seascape, cityscape or still life. It's these elements that interest me more than any realistic rendering. The subject matter may vary but I hope what unites my work is a sense of energy, movement and joy.

I paint at home in Suffolk, mainly mixed media on canvas, as well as works on paper. I also love working in sketchbooks, both outside and at home. Sketchbooks are a great place to experiment and be free and I get through them at an alarming rate.

Works for sale are regularly added to my shop on this site.  

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